Eichholtz – Coffee Table De Soto set of 3 ( Dark Range )


Grains, knots and holes grant a unique appearance to the Coffee Table De Soto set of 3 with petrified wood table tops. Characterised by natural brown, grey and white tones, these distinctive coffee tables are suitable for a variety of interior styles and colour schemes. The tables vary in height and feature bronze finish legs.

Petrified wood literally means: wood turned into stone. Trees that have been buried under sediment for many years can transform into stone. While retaining the original structure of the stem tissue, all the organic materials are replaced with minerals.

Levertijd 5-10 werkdagen.


Dark range petrified wood | gunmetal legs

Approximate sizes: 60 x 50 x H. 50 cm | H. 43 cm | H. 36 cm

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